Monday, August 5, 2013

The Last Two Categories

I believe my original post stated that there were only four categories included in our website.  This information was false as there are most definitely five total categories that the files where broken down into.  The last two categories are titled Legislation and Other Conservancy Districts.  I chose these two categories for last because they are the most self explanatory categories that we have.  However this does not mean that they lack any significance as a good source of information about things and people affecting the Valley. 
The first one I will talk about is the category of Legislation.  Obviously this category is going to contain mostly legislation that pertains to water and mostly legislation that pertains to the state of Colorado.  Although, there still is a decent chunk of Federal Legislation that made its way into this category as well.  If you are having a desire to investigate the Water Rights system in action, this is the category to start.  It shows examples of all the laws that shape water use in Colorado and examples of the processes involved in protesting a water right, or applying for a water right (although this is something that is present in many categories throughout the site).  This category still remains somewhat unorganized so of you haven't checked out any of them, I encourage you to help me design this in a more organized fashion.
The next category is called Other Conservancy districts and it has information on other water conservancy districts around the state......This may seem very obvious, but the idea is to create an obvious starting point to help people navigate through the thousands of documents. In this sense, this category is one of the best organized of them all.  I discovered many new conservancy districts after going through the documents contained in this category, and the number of organizations was downright shocking.  If you happen to look through this category you my see the reasoning behind my previous statement that our state is "littered" with water conservancy districts. 

Below are the links in order of how they were discussed.  Please check them out.  

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