Monday, August 5, 2013

Next Two Categories

Sorry for the weekend delay in explaining those next two categories.  My weekend was busy doing volunteering for ORE and assisting with the Recycling Program.  The Next Two Categories I would like to discuss are the Water Projects category and the UGRWCD Organizational Documents category. 
The First of these is the category that contains all the information that the UGRWCD had pertaining to water projects.  This does not just mean projects in Gunnison, but any projects that came through the office.  While the majority of the information in this category does relate to water projects in the Valley, this does well to give better detail than I have seen from other resources describing the same water projects.  It also provides perspectives on these water projects from different conservancy districts around the state.  One example of the intense amount of information available for water projects is all the data on water in the Colorado River.  Since so many projects were done on this river, a lot of different projects have the same base information so at times this category gets a little repetitive.  However, don't be discouraged, there is plenty to discover here. 
The Next category I would like to discuss is the category titled "UGRWCD Organizational Documents.  For student purposes, this category probably contributes the least amount of useful information because a lot of it can only be comprehended by a professional in a water conservancy district.  Many of the files through me for a loop when trying to summarize them in one sentence because I really didn't know the purpose of the document.  Never the less, there are important documents still located within these files.  There are a lot of meeting minutes included here, as well as detailed information on Board Members and Board Committee that Date as far back as the Conservancy District itself.  Perhaps a valuable resource for anyone looking for a historical perspective on the Conservancy District as a subject. 

Below is the link to access the Water Projects Category:

This next link will direct you to the UGRWCD Organizational Documents Category:  

As always check them out and leave me feedback.   

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