Sunday, May 28, 2017

Into the Jungle

There's a remote space in the Osa Province of Costa Rica that time seems to escape. Finca Bellavista (The Finca) is a sustainable treehouse community nestled away that provides an experience like no other. The property extends far into the jungle that creates the space for guests to venture into the wildness of La Florida de Piedras Blancas and reconnect with nature from a new perspective. As a volunteer over the last week, I have meandered along the trails guiding travellers to their treehouse away from home. Here people have the opportunity to coexist alongside the jungle wildlife. I am building new ties to the land and the people of Finca Bellavista. My time here thus far has taught me about the dedication and consciousness that goes into the materials and resources that are necessary to keep this business operational. Volunteers are inspired to put their heart and soul into further pursuing work in sustainability and living more sustainably on this earth. Rio (river) Bellavista and Rio Piedras Blancas flow into the heart of base camp providing relief from the heat of the sun. In contrast to Gunnison, The Finca does not consume the water from the river. Water here is conserved and treasured, but the water infrastructure is different here. (to be covered next week) The future of sustainability is in the hands of those inspired to the commitment of a sustainable future.