Friday, August 2, 2013

Local Food Movement: Community Effects

I have gained a strong sense of community while working with LFF. Seeing community members who care about the importance of local food has inspired me to really take action and change my own eating habits. I love eating local food off the market each week and enjoy trying out new recipes. Seeing other people and customers on the market ordering new things from the market each week has made me try new stuff too! I have tried Garlic Scapes, Duck Eggs, Thai Basil and a lot of other things that I would have to chance to buy in the regular grocery store. I love how this internship has sparked a new passion in me for local food. It has really affected my life in a positive way and I am so grateful to have this wonderful opportunity! I love seeing this local food movement grow in our community! Each week on the market there are new customers and new items available, it like Christmas each Wednesday when it is pick up day! Seeing the community respond to the availability of local food is inspiring and makes it clear that with small changes, a more sustainable future is possible.

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