Friday, August 2, 2013

The Future Of Food: Local, National and Global

The future of local food on a global level looks challenging, because it is. With the human population so high food insecurity is a problem. On a national level, there are still issues with how our food is raised and grown using harmful hormones and chemicals. This is bad for our future also. On a local level, I can see the great effects of local food through LFF. So I have concluded that although the future of food is a global and national problem for the future, that changing on the local level is the answer. I have seen the good effects on having a local food system. Maybe if we all try to work on the small scale, it could benefit the larger ones. Of course this will  take a lot of time and change. But I have taken the steps to change personally, and I have seriously benefitted from it. I believe this can be done to help our food insecurity as a planet. Start small, but dream big!

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