Friday, August 2, 2013

Gunnison Farmers Market VS. LFF Online Market

This summer I am also an intern with the Gunnison Farmers Market. I want to use this blog post to describe the differences between the farmers market and the LFF online farmers market. There is the obvious difference of setting up and taking down the market. With tents and tables, it is a tiring job. There is a similarity of first come first served. With the Gunnison market and the online market, produce runs out. If you get there early enough, you will get your desired produce, if you come later, you probably have missed out on some cool items. Another similarity is the local products. All of the produce from both markets comes from the localities of Colorado, while LFF is more local, but the Gunnison market features stuff from all over Colorado! This summer has been a blast working for both of these markets! I have learned a lot of new things about how businesses work and all of the complexities of running the operations smoothly. They both involve a lot of helping hands to make them successful. The atmosphere of the outdoor Gunnison market is fun and exciting, while the LFF market is social only on pick up days. But both have their pros and cons. I enjoy working for both organizations and helping them run because they offer local food to our community. They are some of the main driving forces of the local  food movement!!

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