Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Damn the Cement Creek Dam!

Blog Number 5

Now that we have cleared up any confusion on what the categories contain, the next step is to dive into some specific topics that interested me and that have the potential to be resources for my final paper.  While I am still a little fuzzy on what the overall theme of the paper will be, I am hoping that by reflecting on some of these interesting documents I will obtain a working outline for the final product or products.

The first interesting topic that struck me personally and was prevalent consistently throughout the project was the conflict of developing areas in the Valley.  While there are multiple files pertaining to development in the Valley, the particular event that struck me the most was the proposed dam that would have flooded Cement Creek.  The most interesting aspect of this was the amount of feedback that came in after the proposed plan had been released by the Bureau of Reclamation.  Not only were just people from Crested Butte writing in protest, but people from all over the country had comments about the proposed project.  Although my personal favorites come from locals.

This was not just an interesting thing to see a small community fighting back a federal organization like the Bureau of Reclamation, but it also provided a good comparison to other projects where this has occurred.  Many other water storage projects have gone through successful and had benefited the community in a way that is perhaps worth the sacrifice.  It takes a pristine area such as Cement Creek to really make people stand up and decide that loosing this area is not worth the risk. The most interesting think I saw from reading through these letters was that each argument was about the same.

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