Saturday, December 1, 2012

Green Building in the Gunnison Valley

Progress on the build as of November 28th.

Where the build was at when I started the internship.
My name is Seth Bott and this semester I started an internship with Sleightholm Workshop a construction company in the Gunnison valley owned by Matt Sleightholm.  Some of the things they focus on in their builds is making sure the homes are energy efficient and that they produce as little waste as possible in the build process. I started working with them around the beginning of the job and now have see the framing and roofing process in building a home.  Up to this point I have been cutting wood to fit between the framed walls so that when a concrete floor is poured in the future it will not fill in the framed walls.  Recently I started air sealing some cracks in the framing to create a tighter building envelope and to help reduce the need for as much heating in turn saving energy and money.