Friday, August 2, 2013

I guess the first thing to do would be to discuss the ins and outs of the project that is finally complete at this time.  The UGRWCD decided somewhere around 2010 that they wanted to start going digital with all their document, which was a great concept, however it left one problem; a room full of file cabinets that were not so digital.  This was the birth of the project that took over a year to complete and countless people hours of work.  All 15,000+ documents had to be organized, filtered through, scanned, uploaded, and posted to the UGRWCD’s water documents library.  The idea with the library is that it will not only preserve some of the older documents that the UGRWCD had stashed away, but it will also provide a good public resource for water issues in the Valley.  Since our town is very small, sometimes it can be difficult trying to find specific information about the area, and just through my  experience with this database, it has opened my eyes to a lot of information I never knew was out there. 

                By going through all these documents, I have certainly learned a lot more than I thought I would just doing “mindless” scanning and uploading.  Having to upload these documents allowed me to read through them and discover just a little more about the area than meets the eye.  Through this blog I hope to report to you just a few of the interesting things I found throughout my work on the project.  A lot of them are things that I have heard about in classes at Western, and it just made it even more intriguing to see it in the real world.  I would also encourage everyone to visit the website and give me a little feedback on what you think.

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