Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Final Week

Last week was my last week at the internship. I mainly was doing the Lake Michigan route all week so that entailed me getting up at 5 everyday. I also had plenty of resamples that week so it kept me busy for my last week of work. Tuesday I have over 15 beaches I need to go resample all around the North Inland route and as the week kept going on the amount of beaches I need to resample went down. But there were still a large amount all the way up till Thursday. Mainly there were so many is because the day before sampling and after sampling we had a lot of rain. My last day I got to go out on the chain and samples the 10 beaches out there. Im extremely sad that this internship is over.  I enjoyed and learned more then I could have ever imagined. It was sad to say goodbye to all my co workers. But Im so grateful to have been given amazing opportunity.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


This week I had my long inland route which consist of 40 something beaches.  The next day I only had 5 resamples on my route. As I was sampling I realized that some of the beaches that I had done Beach inspections for a couple weeks a go decided to go ahead and put new rafts out that were not there when  I initial did the inspections. A very few had kept with any of the rules of having signs saying no diving or one beach took down its buoys that shows where swimmers are swimming. So that afternoon after sampling I went and called all the head people of the beaches that had made changes and did not obey by the rules and I had to let them know they needed to make the changes ASAP. Tuesday and Wednesday I helped with plant sampling on the Chain which is a hard job because there are so many spots I have to there are over thousands of spots that you need to throw the rack to see where plants are growing. It normal takes 2 to 3 days to finish a whole lake on the chain. I was lucky enough to see a couple new plants that I have not seen in other lakes. I also became really good and bring the boat back on to the trailer and locking it up. On Thursday I did the Lake Michigan run which wasn't bad at all the waves were not as bad as I have seen them before. But I did notice so many people out and about around the beach but I have noticed that is mainly when its a really nice sunny morning. This coming week is my last week. I am very sad about it because I love my job and I love all the new things I am constantly learning and my co-workers I am going to miss dearly. But this week I am mainly doing the Lake Michigan route and then Thursday I am doing the Chain for beach samples. Ill keep you guys posted!