Friday, August 2, 2013

Omnivores Dilemma

I read this book for my internship reading. It was a good read that I learned a lot from. I also got some interesting new views and questions from it. The first section is about corn and how it is a mono-crop that is in everything from our cars to in our hamburgers! It seriously made me think twice about getting fast food every again!! The second part discussed organic food and the benefits of small farms vs. large scale organic farms. This section related to me because I work with a lot of small farms with LFF and I have made a lot of friends who are small farmers. It was interesting to see how the large scale organic farms  operate compared to the small scale. The third section left me with the biggest question. It was about how we have lost touch with food. It makes me wonder how we have come to this point of not even knowing where our food comes from or even caring! This book was great and really taught me a lot about food and how I view it.

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