Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zero Waste with ORE

Working for Sodexo earns you a lot of  "Oh, god the Keating Beating", enough that I've considered earning a quarter for each habitual grumble I get from students. You're probably wondering "What does this have to do with Environmental Studies?"

Sodexo is committed to sustainability and the efforts of Western State College. Rare Air actively composts, uses recyclable materials, and properly disposes of recyclable goods (tin, plastics 1 & 2, cardboard, etc.). But the food industry produces a lot of waste that must be understood. It is unavoidable, the FDA and USDA mandate it to preserve public health and protect your well-being.

As an Environmental Studies major, something about Sodexo's recycling operations piqued my interest, and I looked into volunteer work.

I found exactly what I needed with the Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE); assisting with the recycling and zero-waste initiatives of the organization at Alpenglow and the Farmers Market. It turned out to be more than a garbage-picking job, and it is still evolving as the summer progresses.

Armed with gloves, bins, and a trash-picker, I will be at the Farmers Market in Crested Butte and Gunnison, and the Alpenglow events throughout the summer. Come out to see all that the Gunnison Valley has to offer!