Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 15, 2013

Today was a culture day, we began by working with the livestock. the farm has pigs, horses, cows, chickens, and guine pigs. they do not eat any oth the animals but use them for trade or sale. the cows are used for milk and cheese. all of the manuer is used for compost, they have pig compost and then horse and cow mixure. the farm also uses worm composting. They really utilize everthing, even the waster from humans. the toilets are dry compost and eventually it is used for fertilizer for fruit trees.
for our culture activity we went shrimp fishing. with one of teh locals we walked down the Rio muchacho river. we had to hold teh net on the edge of the waterand pull the vegitation from the banks, this caused teh shrimp to be washed into our net. we only ended up catching a dozen or so but we dod cook them for dinner. later in teh day we made chocolate. we roasted cocao beans in a clay pot, once they were toasted we chracked thier shells and and ground them with pure cane sugar. the cocao is grown on the farm. we miked the grounds with fresh milk and poured it ouver fresh bananas also grown on teh farm! it was amazing

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