Monday, May 13, 2013

And on that Note,

I am "ringing off" for the semester.  Thanks to anyone, especially people besides Dr. Coop and Dr. Sellen (not that you guys aren't great, I just figured from the start that you would be the most prolific readers of this blog) who took the time to take a few ganders at my rather wordy posts.  Just the thought that even one or two other people would read these posts has kept me writing them, however late and/or sporadically.  Even if you happen to find these posts months, semesters, or years down the line and decide for some reason to read them, even just to snicker at my own extremely lengthy ranting, thank you.  Whoever you are reading these, I owe you all my greatest thanks.  Most of all, I also owe Dr. Sellen, Dr. Coop, and everyone at ORE a resounding "thank you!"  Thanks Dr. Sellen for your continued encouragement, advice, and help with getting me started with this blog deal in the first place.  Thanks to Dr. Coop, who together with his wry humor and calm wisdom, even in the face of my often-worried insistence on doing things "right," helped me through this entire semester and this internship.  Not to mention, if it weren't for this gentleman, I wouldn't be going to school at Western in the first place, so thanks very much for that too.  Finally, and most of all, thanks to the whole crew of grinning people at ORE for their kind acceptance of my own work and my humble, yet hopefully important help over the last seven months.  Thank you Maya, Bart, Lindsay, Kristen, Kerri, and, last but not least, Luke for your continued help, support, and good humor.  You are all good people, and ORE certainly has its collective heart in the right place.  Good luck to you all, and may all of you and your families be healthy and happy.  Thank you all for everything.  I will leave you all to it; see you in the Fall, have a great summer, and go play outside!


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  1. Josh, it has been a pleasure reading your posts to the blog. In addition to your wry sense of humor, I learned a lot about resource efficiency. I think the DIY Garage is a great idea, and I'll do what I can to support it. Let's talk when we are all back home in Gunnison.