Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today we began by making more garden beds, we cleared teh ground of weeds and began to prepare the soil for planting. We planted carrots, cucumber, and beets. we weeeded the beds of okra and cabbage and finally replaced plastic bottles which protect teh plants from leaf cutter ants. in the afternoon we planted trays of seeds. many i had no clue what they were ond other i was more familar with. i checked out the seed i had planted only 4 days before and found that they had already sprouted. to finish the day i helped carve mate spoons, this was a great way to experince the work done by locals . one of teh natives cut the fruit and then split it into 8ths we pulled teh hard shell from the friut and scraped it with a metal spoon. it has a woody feeling when complete

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