Saturday, May 25, 2013


lastnight there was a opposum on the roof it was a bit scary. i saw it crawling around and then heard it attack something near where we sleep. then to top the night off a bunch of bats came flying through our room very close to my head, it was a long night. Today we began by cleaning the cow and horse pens. we fed them all and separated the baby cows. i enjoyed this work. after breakfast i helped cut bamboo for a fence around the garden.  i never realized how heavy bamboo reallyis and it grows so tall. after we planted zapayo, we filled holes with pig compost and then planted two seeds in each hole. we got about 4 rows done.  after lunch we started the permaculture course.we began withthe principles of organic farming and then the values of organic material. i was surprised how much i already knew. thefirst day was pretty basic and got me very excited for teh rest of the classes

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