Saturday, May 25, 2013


today was cultural day. i love these days. it is great to learn about the ways people live her, its so differnt drom the US. we began the day with class. We talked about compost and teh differnt ways it can be done depending on teh material you have. we leared about hot compost and proceeded to build one in the garden. i had never heard od hot compost before and was very interested. i am hoping to duplicate this when i return home. we also learned about the differnt levels of carbon and nitrogen in differnt materials. i didnt know much of what was taught today so i was very happy.after lunch we began culture day. we went to visit a giant tree which had been taken over by a parasitic plant, it was amazing. after, we carved rings out of pine nuts, this was awesome. i am making rings for everyone before i leave.

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