Saturday, May 25, 2013

ecuador may 24

Last day working with the cows and horeses, it´s bittersweet but i am looking forward to what we are doing next. Im hoping its the chickens! It doesn´t involve so much shit shoveling... This morning was fun though everyone was energized and in great moods!

this mornings class we talked about green manure and mulch. We talked about specific ways this can be implented depending on where in the world you live and what kinds of materials are avalible. after that we went off into the forest to collect materials to make bokashi. It´s really cool that everything we need is so close and is sustianably used. We collected a lot in the orchid forest, currently none of the orchids are bloomed but it  was neat to say the least.

This afternoon i taught one of the new girls how to make the matte spoons and helped with loose end transplanting.

Im looking forward to this weekend though! going to canoa agian and it´s ecuadorian independence day so it should be a great fiesta!!! It´s my last real weekend with the friends i have made at the farm so we are sure to make it a good one!

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  1. Hi Leslie. I've been on the road and am coming to your (and Paula's) blog a bit late. In any case it sounds like you are learning a lot in Ecuador. If you have the means to add photos to your blog, that would be great. Oh, and also, could you use Google maps to show us where the farm is? Keep up the good work.