Saturday, May 25, 2013


The class has been going well, i wish we were staying for the whole thing. today we taked more about compost, mulch and green manure. i was surpried to learn about green manure, which is just plant matter. we talked a lot about micro organisms and how to capture then for gardening and compost use. we taked about bokashi, a japanese method of culturing bacteria. first you cook rice, then mix the rice with a bit of water, place it in a jar with a mesh ld and burry near water. this sits for about 10 days and micro organisms should colonize teh rice. you can fed them molasses water. later we gathered material to make a larger   scale bokashi. we gathered forest material with micro organism and legume leaves for nitrogen.all this material was shredded and mixed together for thebokashi. we wont be here for the final product but i hope it works.

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  1. Hi Paula. It sounds like you are learning a lot in Ecuador. Tell me more about bokashi. Is this used on compost to speed the composting process? (That's my guess, but I've been wrong before.)