Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ecuador! May 15


Today i was able to sleep in a bit, we haven´t yet been assigned a morning chore that consit of feeding and cleaning out the animal stales. It was so tranqul waking up in such a beautiful place. Our room is full of windows with no screens it was so cool and relaxing i probabñy could have laid up there all day. It was raining a little in the morning and i felt it on my face. Breakfast was after everyone finished thier morning chores.It was watermelon oats sugar and juice. After breakfast i was assigned to help cleaning out an area they call the secret garden. It was so overgrown frm the raining season and full of weeds. I  first worked on pulling up old irrigation then cut down old tress and through out old seeds.Today i learned that only 3 of the ten hecters of the farm are actually used for farming. After clearing out the garden i was given the offical tour. It´s so amazing to see sustainable systems actually implemented in other oarts of the world! Everything about the farm is sustainable they use
dry composting toilets
resuse ALL WATER through grey water systems adn collecting rain water to be purified and used for drinking
there is a zero waste policy
and solar showers for warm shower (which currently doesn´t work)
Today was culture day so we went out fishing as tge locals have done in the past and continue doing today with a simple net and someone to dig under rocks to find hiding shrimp. Even though we only caught 5 it was a great experience. Later in th day we collected cococa seeds and made chocolate over a hot fire. mmmm

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