Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is a locavore?

A locavore is a way of living a sustainable life. Being a locavore is eating only or mostly local foods that come from about a 200 mile radius of where you live. This cuts down a lot of the pollution that regular food produces. Locavores eat with the seasons and don’t have bananas in December!! This way of living is a healthy life choice. Eating foods that are natural and native to your area allows them to have more natural nutrients than genetically modified foods (GMO) foods, this leaves your produce more healthy. Being a locavore can be a challenge especially when you live in a place like Gunnison. The growing season is only 60 days here and that leaves much of the year to rely on canned preserves and potatoes. If one really wants to become a locavore though, there are many ways you can find to be creative!

Eating organic is an important aspect to this idea. It allows you to have more nutritious foods it is a better way to live for the goal of sustainability. This is because there are no chemicals, GMOs, hormones, or pesticides in your food that pollute the environment. Eating organic local foods is extremely important and I believe that this way of life will become more main stream in the future. With the way most Americans eat now, processed foods and veggies and fruits loaded with artificial everything, I think its clear that a change needs to be made. Eating local is so important. I have changed my ways and now order off of LFF each week and buy at the farmers market. It gives me a sense of place to know where my food came from and who grew it! This is a lifestyle change that is worth it, especially if you love the environment and want to preserve it for future generations. Eat local!

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