Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For the LFF Cookbook that I am writing for ORE, there are a lot of ins and outs that need to be addressed in order for this project to come out successful. For one, contacting the farmers can be a challenge because they have such hectic schedules. It is sometimes hard for them to have a few minutes to sit down and answer my questions and get them to send me some pictures via email. Another challenge is finding the right format for the cookbook to be in once I have all of the information about the farms. It is a new process for me and the executive director told me that I  can be as creative as I want with it.  So there is a challenge in how rustic, modern, or contemporary I want to be when it comes to actually putting the cookbook together. This is by all means a wonderfully fun project to be able to work on. It is so fun to contact the farmers and to hear their stories, and to get new creative ideas about their recipes. I have defiantly enjoyed this process and am excited for some of the items in their recipes to be available this summer so I can try them out myself! Writing this cookbook is a lot of fun and will be really rewarding when it is complete.

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