Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Contacting The Farmers

For the LFF cook book that I am writing for the non profit, I am contacting many of the farmers that are part of local farms first. For the cookbook we are looking for about 20 farms to participate, each will have a short bio, a recipe featuring a product that they grow and pictures of the family farm. This will be a great way for members of local farms first to get to know their farmers more, and to try out fun new recipes. So far there are a lot of interesting recipes from the farmers like zucchini cookies, and really fun bios about how each farmer got into the profession. I have learned a lot about the particular farms and how each one has specialty crops. I have also learned a lot about how farms work and operate because each farmer tells me stories about hardships and benefits of certain crops and about how each farm is run. There are a lot of different ins and outs about how farms are run, family farms vs. bigger farms with hired help and volunteers and interns. There are a lot of cool interesting facts that you wouldn’t always think about when it comes to farming in a dry climate. Contacting the farmers has allowed me to get valuable contacts that will help me in the future and also taught me a lot about the logistics of being a farmer.

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