Friday, July 12, 2013

TCB the details of taking care of business

Meetings--easily the most boring blog to wirte about but I noticed in all these board meetings that I have been going to that they keep time and notes, so it is a significant detail to understand. According to the Alaska Wilderness League’s handbook called Mobilizing the Grassroots, meeting space, scribing, and timekeeping are important to handling business.  In the handbook they warn that an ineffective environment can cause ineffective business.
The room shape and size is important because if the meeting space too small “it forces people to sit too closely, therefore inhibiting discussing (and perhaps causing tension and conflict)”. Large groups of 10-20 people should meet in a room of at least 20X30 feet and it should be set up in “U” shape for maximum contact with one another. This room should also have movable chairs and room to meet in small groups. Meeting spaces require whiteboard space so decorating walls are good but should still leave room for presentations.
Scribing/note taking is important because so much is said during a meeting that keeping track is important so that you do not forget thoughts and suggestions. The scribe is there to record key ideas “using participants own words.”
Lastly, there is always time keeping. This was the most informative of information from this handbook because I was wondering what the purpose of timekeeping was. “A good meeting begins and ends on time and accomplishes what was planned.” The agenda is usually past out previous to meetings to inform the participants what will be discussed and how long it will be discussed. As we all know people can get off track easily. At the end of every board meeting I have been to, the usually brainstorm on what will be discussed next, what goals should be accomplished by the next meeting, and who will be attending the meeting.

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