Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Becoming a Locavore!

I became a locavore because I realized it was affordable and a change for the better of the community and nature. In college we would always learn about the importance of local agriculture but I thought the outlets available were too expensive for a college student to afford. When I started this internship, I realized I could be a locavore and still have money. In fact I have saved money. Eating local can be as inexpensive as you need it to be with LFF. You don’t have to spend the $40+ dollars per week on a box of random farm produce like a community supported agriculture (CSA) box does. You can customize your order and only buy things you know you will eat and be able to cook. I became a locavore because of LFF! This internship has really sparked my passion and has allowed me to live a much more sustainable life! I started composting in my backyard, I eat local meals daily and I have reaped the benefits from doing so. As a college student, you don’t think it is something that you can necessarily do, be a locavore, compost, be more sustainable, but as a former college student, I am here to tell you that you can afford it and it is a much better way of living. Eating local is fun and becoming more sustainable in my lifestyle has been an eye opening experience. Ordering through LFF has brightened my week because  I get fresh, organic, local produce that make my meals fun!

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