Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WSCU Greenhouse

Hi everyone my name is Kyle Hill and I am an Intern with mountain roots who is taking care of the Western State Colorado University campus greenhouse. WSCU has been working incredibly hard in establishing an agricultural system here on campus. With the help of the university and the surrounding communities, many volunteers and interns are putting in a lot of hard work into to make these gardens to make them a success. 

It has been over a month since school has ended and the gardens are thriving in the summer sun. The first month after school had ended the greenhouse we had an explosion of lettuce. We had planted the lettuce for the ENVS Spring Symposium or the Gunnison Farm to Table Conference for the night of April 8th. After harvesting enough for the conference dinner there was enough for the Arbor Day Celebration on April 26th and the lettuce continued to grow. We finally harvested and cleared the main beds around May 20th, in the final harvest we pulled in around twenty pounds of lettuce. We delivered the lettuce to different people that are working this summer in Taylor and in the university center on campus.

The Greenhouse has had a lot more than lettuce we have habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, tiny red-hot Thai peppers, and tomatoes. The aquaponics unit has made tomatoes explode, the plants have almost touched the ceiling, and we finally have cucumbers growing on the aquaponics beds as well. I will soon post some pictures of what is growing in the greenhouse currently. 

Overall, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community and let everyone know that the Greenhouse is still up and running. I will be posting again here very soon with some pictures of the greenhouse currently.

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  1. Glad to see you here, Kyle. I sure would like to see a photo of those tomatoes--and if you have an underwater camera, of the tilapia.