Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Monitoring Visit 6.26.13

Today I walked a property for the CB Land Trust and it was an absolutely amazing piece of land. A little over 200 acres, the monitoring visit took four hours, they usually take two. A lot of these preserved properties don’t have trails so it’s a lot of bush whacking. The under-story of this aspen forest was stunning made up of ferns, lupines, yarrow, sneeze-weed. grasses, and fallen trees. As we climbed higher in elevation the flora changed to sagebrush, Crimson paintbrush, lupine, sunflower, and other alpine flowers. We saw a herd of deer that looked like they frequented an open meadow, and why wouldn't they, people aren't supposed to hike this area. This habitat is rich, the scenery is stunning, and it wouldn't be there without the Land Trust. These nonprofits I can really get behind, support your local land trust.

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