Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love the Lower Loop (and the rest of CB trails)

This week with the Land Trust I took a four hour bike ride with the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Assoc, Adaptive Sports, BLM, and Land Trust. We started at the Woods Walk trail on Kebbler Pass. From there we biked the Upper Upper Loop, the Lower Loop, the Bud Trail, and the KD trail. We scouted places for trail maintenance for the upcoming volunteer day Love the Lower Loop this Saturday June 8th. I was exhausted. I'm not a great mountain biker and I don't have a great mountain bike, but I survived. The scenery was beautiful. I couldn't believe that I had lived here for two years and I hadn't been on these trails... oh ya, I'm not a great mountain biker.
 Our priorities were to make it safe for beginners on beginners trails we call these "greens". Some of the greens were "double blacks" in areas- not exactly a good thing for tourists. Another priority was to make the trails wider for more trail for adaptive sports people. And lastly, prevent erosion and allow for drainage. This was a very helpful field day for me, and I am looking forward to Saturday's back-breaking work. 
I encourage everyone to join. Like my uncle says, "if you ride trails you better help fix one."  

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