Sunday, June 23, 2013

Greenhouse Aquaponics

Many people have seen what happens above ground in an aquaponics unit, but a few get a glimpse of what is happening in the fish tank. Until now here is some footage of the 60 or so  fresh water tilapia that we have in our tank. They are still pretty small but they are bigger since the last time Kyle Brookens and I cleaned the tank. Over the next year or two they will get bigger and be ready to eat. Currently these fish are helping grow tomatoes, cucumbers and some tiny strawberries (see pictures below). The tomatoes and cucumbers are kicking butt and looking great. The strawberries are growing but slowly I am pretty sure it is from the lack of light from the upper table. Currently looking into restructuring these beds to allow for light without the use of a external light source. Overall it is amazing that these little fish are able to help fertilize and grow such amazing looking plants. 

Picture of cucumbers 

 This bed has some strawberries. The two small plants in the front 

These are our gorgeous tomatoes they are about to touch the ceiling

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