Thursday, June 27, 2013


This weekend I spent 16 hours working two events for ORE. The first was the River Festival and the second was Alpenglow. I found that people really love free stuff and that usually they don’t really care what it is and who it represents. This is a problem because it’s called collateral for a reason. Your organization buys stuff, put its name on it, in hope for free marketing and inquiries. Now, I’m not sure if the 10 odd high school kids are going to go home and google Energy Smart or not, but hey its better than nothing I guess. It’s also frustrating because collateral isn’t usually a one time use or something that is thrown away, this frustrates me because I wanted to steal American Spirits idea where they have wildflower seeds on a compostable piece of cardboard that you put in the ground and plant. Genius idea I loved it. Perfect for a nonprofit environmental group, however, it was shut down because of the fear of spending money on something that people won’t remember or constantly be reminded of the person/group who gave it to them. Bummer, but there are always more genius ideas to steal to get your name out there.

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