Monday, June 10, 2013


Today is our last day at the farm. We woke up and helped with the animals. We helped with the chickens today. We feed and cleaned the chickens. They have peeps, pullets and adult hens.  The chickens are all free range and run around the farm as they with.  Seeing the chickens on the farm had me relating how i raise my chickens and the differences and similarities that we have.  After morning chores we decided to do another culture activity since we were parting ways. We gathered dried mud from the river to make mud masks.  We proceeded to grate the mud and mix it with a bit of warm water, once we got the mixture to a thick mud we spread it on our faces. We left the mud masks on for 30 minutes and removed it. Next we applied fresh cut aloe on our faces and our skin felt AMAZING! this was a great way to end our adventure at the farm.

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