Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sustainability, Its a Lifestyle

The most spectacular thing about being in the jungle is not the breathtaking sight of sitting on the riverbank watching the crystal clear water cascade 45 feet below, or sliding down the zip line cables over the river, or the view from the top of the mountain ridge overlooking miles of rainforest, but the connection to the wildness of nature and the jungle that surrounds The Finca. The most rewarding part about dedicating time to a business invested in the future of the rainforest and creating a safe place for guest to connect with the environment. The time spent here in Costa Rica working through projects to help The Finca develop projects that further sustainability for the future. There is immense pleasure in getting your hands dirty, metaphorically, but also taking the opportunities to plunge your hands in the dirt and work the garden. The Finca is focusing it’s energies towards complete farm to table, and working directly with the plants shows you directly where the produce comes from, and then you use it in the kitchen at dinnertime. Stakes have been planted and cards have been written to describe the plants grown in the garden, and how they’re used in meals. These steps are critical in continuing the lifestyle of sustainability here. They provide an intimate sense of connecting those at The Finca to a life created around the environment.

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