Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wormy Texan!

Good day to all in the world of sustainable harvesting! while spending time with family in the huge city of Dallas, I was amazed to find my little Gunnison nitch! The Texas Worm Ranch is where credit is due, as this small company is providing a plethora of sustainable practices to gardeners and organic eaters in the area and beyond. I was so attracted to the Worm Ranch because they are the ultimate vermicomposters, and I've had much to learn about the art and science of composting!

At the Worm Ranch we use red wiggler worms and I spend much of my time digging through the compost heaps for the worm poop, or castings. (Really fun! and more information on this later..) Though the ultimate point of this business is to help others create rich, fertile, organic soils to grow produce and harvest healthy, sustainable livelihoods! Here is their website to find some of their activity:

Looking forward to sharing and showing more of this endeavor, @

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