Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Dirt Comes Gold

And here is the ultimate point of practice at the Texas Worm Ranch: we're creating great organic soils so that we are able to grow healthy produce to feed everyone with! Our goal is to ween soils off of chemical fertilizers and to use organic products that are beneficial to the plants and their roots.

Here is a picture of the garlic that is budding so early this year! (Look how plump and healthy she is...)

Here are pictures of some butterflies resting on leek buds. They love these plants, and we love their presence because they attract so many beneficial bugs around to help keep the not as beneficial bugs elsewhere...
How fun and green and active my time here at the garden has been! Here are some pictures of our plots at the Lake Highlands Community Garden, where so much of our produce is grown and so many friendly bugs find a home. What an organic experience and education this has been! Thanks Texas Worm Ranch!

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