Saturday, August 8, 2015

SRO Internship: Final Thoughts

My time working for SRO has now officially come to an end. During my time at SRO I was introduced to a number of different procedures that both opened my mind as well as tested me mentally as a person. One of the greatest experiences that occurred over my three month internship happened during the first few weeks when John and I had to set up an experiment for the USDA. During this I was shown exactly how large scale experiments are both set up and conducted outside of the guidance of academia that i was used too. Unfortunately the results of this experiment were unable to be used due to unforeseen procedural mistakes. Although the results were no good, it was quite an experience being able to be a part of an experiment of this magnitude. 
Throughout the summer I was able to discover the process which was used to create the electrobiocide. This was an especially important part of my internship considering that most of what I was being taught was all patented technology. At first the chemistry that was involved in this process was overwhelming but after "cooking" numerous times and asking John questions nearly the entire time, I finally go the hang of it. Other than going along with John and conducting experiments or "cooking" up elctrobiocide my summer also consisted of work outside of the SRO headquarters. John new that my interest was in sustainability and when I was given the chance to help out on his nearly off-grid homestead, I jumped at the opportunity. It was here that I maintained his garden located mostly inside of a 34 foot high geodesic greenhouse. Located within the greenhouse was also a full aqua-ponics system, that before this opportunity I never really understood exactly how these types of systems worked. Along with maintaining the garden I was able to take care of the over thirty chickens located on his property and one ill tempered rooster. Working on this property was definitely the highlight of the internship and was a welcomed break from the chemistry intensive SRO work. Other projects that I was involved in were the building of numerous greenhouses, used to hold both some of Johns excess produce as well as lettuce that is currently being used in an experiment to see whether or not the electrobiocide has any ill effects on the plants. Unfortunately the results of this experiment wont be completed for another month. The process of designing and building my own greenhouse's was a very rewarding experience and taught me a lot about what types of designs work and what types don't. 
Over the course of the last three months SRO has taught me so much about the world of patented technology and all that goes along with trying to get the product out onto the market. I was originally interested in the technology because I was told it is a completely green disinfectant that is effective as  current household cleaners but harmless enough to drink. When I first herd this there is no wonder why I was interested but I'm not sure how much of it I actually believed. Now that I have worked for SRO for the past few months I know that all of these seemingly exaggerated claims are all true. I have actually drank the product myself with no ill effects. I am so thankful to John and the SRO crew for bringing me in a showing me how their technology works as well as allowing me to help out on projects outside of the office. Allowing me the freedom to create my own projects was extremely helpful and allowed me to work on my own schedule while still learning everything that I could about both SRO and the electrobiocide technology. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and will surely help me in attaining my future goals. 

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