Monday, June 15, 2015

Strategic Resource Optimization

           I am now two weeks into my internship with the SRO Inc. For this post I will be giving a company overview and what exactly I will be working on throughout the summer. SRO Inc is run by a couple of individuals but John Breedlove, who is in charge of the agricultural aspect of SRO, will be my boss throughout the summer. To begin SRO stands for strategic resource optimization and is the company who invented a product known as elctrobiocide. This electrobiocide is a very potent environmentaly friendly chlorine dioxide solution that has numerous applications in both agriculture as well as health care. The unique elctrochemical processes used to create the solution is what makes electrobiocide so special. This "sauce" has been tested and proved to eradicate bacteria and viruses as well as all commonly used household cleaners and, as I stated before, is completely environmentally friendly as well as EPA registered. The solution is so non toxic that it can literally be drank with no adverse side effects.
          Now how does a solution that disinfects play any kind of role in the agricultural world. Well in many commercial greenhouses across the U.S. as well as in outdoor farms, it is a constant struggle to keep molds and other microbial plant parasites from spreading and destroying entire crops. When the elctrobiocide is sprayed onto the crops any form of malicious microbe will be destroyed, thus saving the destruction of the crops. The interesting part is that the solution has no harmful side effects on the plant itself or on anyone who consumes the plants. This is what I will be working on and learning more about over the course of the next few months. The biocide seems to have a positive interaction with plants that causes them to grow up to 30% larger than without the biocide, yet this has not been officially proven. I will be working on an experiment that will test this fact and will be looking into why this increased productivity occurs, as well as seeing if the non-toxic biocide has any alteration on the taste of non-legume type crops such as lettuce. Besides working on this experiment I will be shown around by John who will teach me how the biocide is created and processes involved as well as meeting some of his work associates who are conducting their own experiments at the CSU farm. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to help out with and be a part of such a cutting edge product and will be writing about my adventure as it unfolds.

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