Sunday, July 27, 2014

THE week of July 21st

Sorry this is a little late in the week its just been a busy week. So this week I had my long route where I go to 37 plus beaches in one day and collect water samples and Hab samples. We haven't had much rain so I wasn't to sure how many resamples we would have but surprisingly we had 5 which is a lot when there isn't rain helping with the e-coli. Instead of going out on the boat this week I was asked to stay in and fallow up on beach inspections. So the last couple weeks when I would go to the beaches I have a check list of all the regulations the beaches should be enforcing. Most of the beaches did very well but there were a few that just were missing a couple things. So it was my job this week to call the people who are in charge of the beaches and let them know what they are missing and then from there we set up a date that everything should be fixed. The only hard part is getting a hold of the people in charge of each beach because when I call they are normally at work and call me back when im off work so the last week we have been playing a game of phone tag. Also I had a day of entering water quality data into the data base with that I just copy everything from the original paper and enter it into the data base that we have records stored in the computer. The stuff I entered was mainly secci disk how deep it was in the water what color the water was and the temp and surrounding conditions. Also if there were any invasive plants around and what ones and any other ordinary plants that were around. This week I also had the job to make copies of all our Hab samples paper work and write down the time they were taken and by whom and the date. Then I packaged them all up and got them ready to send to the lab that we send them to that will do more of an intense analysis of the Hab samples. I think I counter over  80 samples that we sent out. One of our lakes this last week also had a toxic algae bloom this week is called Microcystins and it can be very toxic because it does not release nitrogen oxide  so it just stays in the water creating and gross green sludge. So we told the beaches that they should advise people not to swim until the bloom dissipates and we needed to keep checking on the lake. Also this week my supervisor and myself went out on a call of geese keep dyeing by a retention pond. We went out and looked that the pond and figured that many young geese would swim in the pond but there are walls all built up around the water so if they are took young they may have troubles flying out of the pond. The business by the pond put a long board going down to the pond to help give them away out but the angle of the board may be to steep for the young geese to get out of. So we just need to advise them to put in a less steep board to it is easier for the younger geese to get out of.  Ill let you know what happens this coming week.

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