Monday, January 28, 2013

The Influx of the ORE Pamphlets

Hello fellow ENVS crew,
     As of last week, I have made numerous stops around campus and around town for purposes of delivering a myriad of ORE brochures and pamphlets.  My hope is that these various caches of pamphlets will help to spread the word about ORE and all of their cool programs, which aim to both reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for Gunnison and Crested Butte.  These programs are each represented by their own pamphlets, and include EnergySmart and EnergySmart Business, which encourage homeowners and businesses (respectively) to reduce their energy consumption via retrofits and responsible energy usage; Local Farms First, a unique program that allows community members to order fresh food from local farmers via the internet; and the ever-persistent-and-growing Gunnison Valley Green Business Directory, which has compiled a great diversity of Gunnison Valley businesses who are working to adopt sustainability into the folds of their endeavors.

     All told, the different pamphlets that I have passed out are the Local Farms First brochure, the EnergySmart booklet, the EnergySmart Business pamphlet, a brochure with general information about the Office for Resource Efficiency, the Gunnison Valley Green Business Directory, and a handy-dandy "Pocket Guide to Energy Efficiency."  These can be found at various locations around Western's campus, including Kelley Hall, Taylor Hall, the Leslie J. Savage Library, the University Center, and Freecycle (coming soon).  Around town, I have given stockpiles of goodies to Mocha's, the Natural Foods Store, The Bean, Brick Cellar, and Mario's Pizza.  I will announce any new locations that receive ORE stuff - in the meantime, take a look next time you swing by any of these places!

Here are a few photographs of some on-campus booklet stashes, just ready to jump in your unsuspecting backpacks!

All of the pamphlets lined up in Kelley Hall's Student Room

The Recycle Bins on Taylor Hall's first floor

ORE stuff positioned strategically along the Kelley main Recycle Bins
All of the booklets on the Library main table

The booklets in the University Center, right next to the front desk

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